New Mexico

New Mexico PreK and Early PreK Programs

Las Cruces PreK

Jardin de los Ninos is a provider of the New Mexico PreK and Early PreK programs, which seeks to ensure that all children in New Mexico have the chance to receive quality early childhood education before entering kindergarten.

Our teachers create curricula that focus on:

  • Listening and language development
  • Early literacy skills
  • Writing Skills
  • STEM
  • Social-emotional development
  • Fine and gross motor skills and coordination
  • Hygiene, health, and well-being
  • Art, music, and dance
  • Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Independent and group learning

All learning takes place through experiential and interactive activities, educational programming, field trips, and more!

If you are interested in more information about our PreK programs please contact us at (575) 522-2111 or