Educational Services

Since 2016, Jardin de los Niños has maintained a Five-Star rating from the New Mexico FOCUS program. The program was developed as a means of creating and sustaining an early learning system that focuses on building high-quality, comprehensive community programs that form a continuum of integrated services. This means that children receive the highest possible care available in the industry. The New Mexico FOCUS program is widely respected, and incorporates specific elements of quality that we feel are essential to the continued growth and development of our precious children. ​

At Jardin, each child receives an individualized curriculum based on the domains and components outlined in the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines. The Early Childhood Education program centers on the concept of children learning through play, which exercises the physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social needs (PILES) of children. 

The individualized curriculum is designed to adapt to the needs and special circumstances of each child via the: 

  • Observation of the child to determine their individual strengths, needs and interests
  • Customization of activities, classroom environment, and interactions to maximize each child’s learning
  • Tracking of progress and making appropriate adjustments
  • Regular conversations with families to incorporate their input in the curriculum planning process. 

Educational Programs

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Early Learning Activities

Early Learning Activities
Early learning activities provide a stimulating and nurturing environment for young children. Students are given the chance to become successful and build self-confidence through activities designed to increase student opportunities, help prepare for future achievement, and meet individual needs and goals. We focus on eight primary domains of learning:

  • language arts
  • mathematics
  • science
  • social studies
  • physical development & health
  • fine arts
  • foreign/primary language
  • social/emotional

Experiential Learning Activities
Some of the specific early learning activities we incorporate include: learning centers, circle time, music, art, reading, numbers, and sports, and recreation. These types of activities create an environment of experiential learning in which children learn through exploring, experiencing, creating, discovering, relating to and interacting with the world around them. Children are free to learn naturally, on their own terms by playing outdoors, engaging in imaginative or pretend play, creating art, music & dance, and exploring nature and their surrounding environment.  Experiencing the world independently enables children to develop critical thinking skills and infuses them with a sense of achievement and confidence.

Enrichment Learning Activities
Our curriculum is filled with enrichment activities that create a well-rounded educational experience and foundation for our children. Our teachers bring their knowledge, creativity, and passion to teach their students, and, we are also very fortunate to have incredible volunteers who believe in enriching the lives of our children and creating new opportunities for them to flourish! Enrichment activities range from clay sculpting to learning chess, and aim to promote skills such as mindfulness, critical thinking, hygiene, and social emotional development.

Additional Educational Support Services
Jardin also provides:

  • Tutoring: Students who require additional assistance with learning assignments receive tutoring in the After School Program.
  • Field Trips: field trips are a regular part of our Early Childhood Education Program with trips to the Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, Downtown Splash-pad, the Museum of Science and Natural History, Ms. Callie’s Pottery Studio, etc.
  • Meals: Funding for Jardin’s meal service comes from the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) via the USDA, providing breakfast, lunch, and a snack each day according to the nutritional guideline provided by CACFP.
  • Transportation: Children can be transported to and from Jardín via the facility’s buses 
  • Referrals to DD Pre-School: The Jardín staff continually monitors and assesses children for developmental delays. For eligible children, an immediate referral is made to the Las Cruces Public Schools for DD Pre-School
  • Home Visits: The Jardín home visit program provides critical and ongoing support during a particularly traumatic time in a homeless child’s life and as their families transition out of their housing crises 
  • Weekend Anti-Hunger Program: The Weekend Anti-Hunger Project works to support children’s developmental milestones by providing consistent, nutritious meals that encourage healthy eating habits over the weekend to increase attentiveness, food security and the overall well-being of the children and families that Jardin de los Niños serves.
  • Health and Wellness: Jardin provides a minimum of two wellness checks, on each child daily; Annual health screenings, which included dental, vision, and general health for the children and their siblings under the age of 18. In partnership with Amador Health Center and the Department of Health, annual immunizations are also given to children and their siblings at Jardin. A weekly workshop series is provided as well as various parenting classes that focus on proper nutrition (i.e., menus, self-care, etc.). Jardin partners with Amador Health Center to provide primary care and mental health services to support our children and their siblings under the age of 18.
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