Dogs Who Read


Mission Statement
To foster a love of reading among children of all ages by creating a positive association with books and reading via the presence of therapy dogs.

About the Program
Dogs Who Read is a literacy project based off of the international R.E.A.D.® program. The Dogs Who Read program aims to instill a love of reading in children of all ages, setting them up with a strong foundation in literacy and learning in general. Studies have shown that animals can help create a healthy therapeutic environment by drawing attention outward; lessening anxiety, anger and depression; creating safety and intimacy, and; increasing positive expectations of both self and others. These outcomes are especially relevant and beneficial to the population that Jardin de Los Niños serves: homeless and near-homeless children who are most susceptible to undue stress and instability. Not only will the dog’s presence create a soothing and relaxed environment, lowering blood pressure and stress levels, but children will also begin to feel less self-conscious and more confident in their reading abilities while reading to the dog!